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Goal           : How to Make Chocolate Balls
Materials    :

§  A can of chocolate milk
§  Three packs of milk biscuits
§  One pack of colorful chocolate sprinkles
§  Toothpicks for accessories

Steps           :

1)    Smash the biscuits until they seem like powder and stir it.
2)    Add the chocolate milk, and at the same time stir it thoroghly until the mixture becomes hard.
3)    Form the chocolate like balls.
4)    Roll the balls into colorful chocolate sprinkles.
5)    Place the balls in the small cookie paper and stick in the toothpicks for handles.

Make Simple Sandwich

INGREDIENTS       :                
Two slice of bread,    
cheddar cheese,                                              
chilli sauce,
beef sausage that has been be cut,
fried egg,
tomato, carrot, and cucumbar.

MATERIALS           :

STEPS                        :
1. First, place a slice of bread on the plate.
2. Second, put the chilli sauce.
3. Third, adds tomato, cheddar cheese, beef sausage, fried egg.
4. After that, add chilli sauce.
5. Then, put a slice of bread on the top, and cut into triangle shape.
6. Garnish with cucumbar and carrot , Finally, serve it!


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